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‘Superstar’ Anne thanks her one million followers

By Karen Valeza | omg! Philippines News Blog – Fri, May 6, 2011

Anne Curtis (Bernard Testa, NPPA Images)

With all the success and popularity Anne Curtisis enjoying as an actress and a TV host, she could just complacently savor the bounty of her toils, but there's no stopping Anne from challenging herself and venturing into other things.
In a previous interview with Yahoo! OMG! Philippines, Anne will be releasing her own recording album for fun and satisfying her passion. Now, Anne is already a step closer to becoming a businesswoman and is up in the Twitter ranks with over a million of followers.
In the press conference of the Cosmopolitan Philippines Fun and Fearless Female Awards 2011 at the Richmonde Hotel in Eastwood City on Thursday, May 5, Anne shared her thoughts on her new, fearless ventures and her Twitter milestone. In an online poll, Anne bested Marian Rivera, Heart Evangelista and Sarah Geronimo in the "Superstar" category for being the "Ultimate Cosmo girl."
Anne's cosmetics line
"Soon, I will become a businesswoman. I will be coming out with my own cosmetics line that I'm really searching for," Anne exclaimed. Considered as one of the most beautiful faces in the entertainment industry, Anne is admired for her looks and fashion sense—gracing various magazine covers and TV commercials.
"Of course, it is based on red lipstick. It's my thing. So, right now I'm meeting up with suppliers with the help of make-up artists I work with. So hopefully, if not the end of this year, in time for Christmas or early next year. People also always ask me of pink lipstick," Anne said referring to her own cosmetics line she will unveil soon.
Anne entered showbiz as an actress when she was 14 years old as a mainstay of the GMA-7-Viva Entertainment youth oriented drama, "TGIS". A Viva contract artist, Anne moved from the Kapuso network to ABS-CBN, where she blossomed into a topnotch showbiz personality. Last year, Anne established herself as a TV host through the ABS-CBN daily talent show, "Showtime."
Having shifted from acting to hosting, does Anne favor one over the other? "I really cannot choose just one because starting from 'Showtime,' it has been my passion to actually host and interact with madlang people. And acting will always be number one in my heart because that's what got me into this business. But, I really can't choose. My heart is really split in half for both acting and hosting," Anne told Yahoo! OMG! Philippines.
A million thanks
Recently, Anne also achieved another significant milestone being a user of the social networking site Twitter. She is the first Filipino celebrity who reached the one-million follower mark on Twitter, placing her in the ranks of Hollywood and international stars like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.
But for Anne, Twitter is another medium to express her thoughts and connect with people, especially her fans. With the feat, Anne is very thankful, while not feeling any pressure in carrying a responsibility of being able to communicate and interact with over one million Twitter users. "I'm not pressured at all. I continue being who I am with how I speak, may it be nonsense or maybe ranting about traffic or even if it's sharing about my favorite outfit for the month," Anne said.
"I'm really honored that I got one million mark and it's still growing. So, I'm just happy that people are following and it's also a chance for me to follow the people I admire here and in Hollywood. So, it's like a world of interaction and instant communication," Anne added. She also thinks she reached her milestone because her followers can easily relate to her tweets.
After reaching the milestone, she previously tweeted, "Thanks for wanting to follow and read all the nonsense, craziness and random thoughts I like to share! I love Twitter for making it possible for me to have instant communication and feedback from you guys and also a way for me to follow the people I admire! Cheers guys and thank you again for the love and support! Waaaaaah. You all made my day! Love you all!!!x"
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